“I never really had the urge to lead my own band…

Being a bass player, I get to indulge in a wide variety of other great musicians’ ideas and concepts. As my peers and I grew as both people and musicians, the music i performed became so much more complex and I found myself yearning for my youth. When nothing really mattered. Before I had a “musician’s mind”. When I could enjoy music without having an analytical ear. When I was often confused by the jazz my dad would play in the house, but enjoyed it none the less. I remember hanging on to the drums and bass of every song. Letting them navigate me through the song. This is the approach I take whenever I sit down to compose a song. Strip out everything except the bass and drums and construct a song from the bottom. From the most basic pieces of a traditional jazz group. Devoid of the key element of melody, but full of the rhythm, the pulse, the groove…..and that one thing I cannot put in words. The one thing that kept me glued to my father’s music….

So what better name for my band…The Corner Store. A place which reminds me of my childhood. Devoid of key elements….stripped down to the most basic form of a market. They don’t always have what you need, but they sure do have things that you find yourself guilty of wanting from time to time….”


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